Quality and R & D

Our teams constantly remain in touch with the clients and are engaged in research for the solutions of their Problems and needs. We purchase raw glasses from Saint Gobain India and ASAI India only. Full connectivity is ensured about the source and use of glasses. Raw Glasses are inspected for finishing and other quality parameters by our quality assurance team. After passing the quality tests, glasses are stocked in the proper racks in the dust free areas. For unloading vacuum operated lifts are used thus avoiding chances of scratch on them. Test certificates of the received glasses are checked. After receipt of orders drawings as per sizes given by the clients are prepared by us. Our drawings then alongwith PIís are mailed to clients. After confirmation of clients work orders are passed to Production teams. Work Order number is allotted to each order. Glasses then are lifted from the racks and sizes, cuts and cutouts are marked with. Glasses are then cut in to the required sizes and further sent for Drilling, Water Jet cutting, polishing and Edging. Arts works orders are sent to Art teams after cutting. Glasses after this are sent to Edging and Washing and finally toughening. After toughening glasses are again checked for quality, sizes and connectivity like WO noís and recording with the all concerned departments. After that with the help of vacuum operated lifts glasses are stacked in the racks. Finally glasses are dispatched to clients for use. Feed back is taken from every client for his suggestions/satisfaction. Random samples of glasses are sent to labs for testing regularly. We have got our glasses approved by ARAI and has been given certification for our manufacturing as per ISO 9001-2008